Summer is rapidly approaching which means it’s time to get ready for yet another Spring Season Final for Swedish IoT. It is a dear tradition since 2012 that the makers and shakers of Swedish IoT gather to update each other on the latest development in different industries, applications and technologies by sharing real-life cases from the trenches, and to touch base with friends in our rapidly growing ecosystem. The formats for our rendez-vous has varied over time mainly depending on the resources available to plan and run the events. Like last year SMSE will host a half-day event at THINGS in Stockholm followed back-to-back by burgers and beer into the night. It is an invitation only event and we are limited to 60 seats. 

We have planned for 12 real-life cases and 3 insights and we will start present speakers as we confirm them. Note that speakers only pay like attendees and are selected due to what they propose to present. The speakers this year are: FLIR Systems, Telia Company, Northstream, Ekkono, Attentec, WSI, Imagimob, MTEK Industry, Gimic, Stream Analyze, IoT Sweden, Cargo Beacon, H&D Wireless and Voi Technologies. 

The event is organised by the alliance for Swedish IoT companies, SMSE, a self-funded collaborative effort since 2011 established to educate the market, promote Sweden as a good place to look for IoT experience and solutions and to help the members find partners, customers and investors primarily abroad. Today we have some 50 members and almost 20 partners and we have been able to create a quite a lot of interest abroad. Our eight years with joint efforts in SMSE have helped create the largest genuine IoT eco-system in the world. THINGS is partner to SMSE and co-organise the STHLM IoT Summit. 

Seats will be allocated to SMSE companies, members and prospects of THINGS Enterprise Circle, selected industry representatives, international guests and presenters. All presentations are in English. The cost to attend is 2000 SEK including food and beverages. 

This event is always rapidly filling up so make sure to sign up right away if you want to enjoy our IoT Summit. We have almsot 50 attendees now including people from ABB, ACAL BFI, Acando, Acte, AI Hub, Akademiska Hus, Assa Abloy, Attentec, Berotec, CargoBeacon, CEI, CKHIOD, Combain, Combient, Coor, Crosser, Efeso, Ekkono, Gimic, GSMA, H&D Wireless, Husqvarna, Imagimob, Infineon Technologies, Infracontrol, IoT Norway, Luminar Ventures, MTEK Industry, Nexus Group, Nordic Alpha Partners, Northstream, Prevas, Sandvik, Sensing Labs, Siemens, Stream Analyze, Target Global, Tekniska Verken, Telia Company, 3 Sverige, Utvyakta Solutions, Voi Technologies and WSI.

Agenda (subject to change)

12.30 Doors open, registration
13:00  Insight: Why collaborate with small companies?
Anna-Karin Lindblom, Director Product Management, FLIR Systems

Case Marathon #1:
1. WSI, Jan-Åke Lindqvist, CEO
2. Voi Technologies, Caroline Hjelm, CMO
3. Attentec, Kajsa Goffrich, Delivery Manager
4. Imagimob, Anders Hardebring, CEO

Coffee and Networking 

14:30 Insight: Building a data-driven ecosystem business 
Marcus Lidbeck, Head of Digital Markets Division X, Telia Company

Case Marathon #2:
5. Ekkono, Jon Lindén, CEO
6. MTEK Industry, Mattias Andersson, CEO
7. Stream Analyze, Janne Nilsson, Chairman & Founder
8. Gimic, Marcus Nilsson, CEO & Founder

More Coffee and Networking 

16.00 Insight: What will 5G do to IoT?
Lei Shi, Head of Technology, Northstream

Case Marathon #3:
9. IoT Sweden, Magnus Carlmeister, Chairman
10. CargoBeacon, Olov Hisved, CEO
11. H&D Wireless, Pär Bergsten, CEO
12. Crosser, Martin Thunman, CEO

17.30 - Time for Beer, Burgers and Business Mingle

Anna-Karin Lindblom
Director Product Management at FLIR Systems

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Jan-Åke Lindqvist
CEO, Wireless System Integration AB

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Caroline Hjelm
CMO at VOI Technology

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Kajsa Goffrich
Delivery Manager at Attentec

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Anders Hardebring
CEO and Co-Founder at Imagimob AB

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Marcus Lidbeck
VP, Head of Digital Markets Telia Company Division X

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Jon Lindén
CEO/Founder of Ekkono Solutions

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Mattias Andersson
Founder MTEK Industry AB

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Janne Nilsson
Chairman & Founder, StreamAnalyze

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Marcus Nilsson
CEO & Founder at Gimic

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Magnus Carlmeister
Chairman, IoT Sweden

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Lei Shi
Senior Manager & Head of Technology at Northstream

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Olov Hisved
CEO at CargoBeacon

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Pär Bergsten
Founder & CEO H&D Wireless AB

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All you need to know

This startup style event is organized by the alliance for Swedish IoT companies, SMSE, in collaboration with THINGS and it takes place at THINGS June 19. 

Here is how it will work this year: Our program will include a couple of 15 minutes Insight presentations and some 10 x 10 minutes case presentations on our favourite format "problem-solution-result”. We will try to cover the hottest markets including Smart Factories, Smart Cities and Mobility and from a technology point of view we’ll try to cover Machine Learning, LPWAN, 5G, Robotics and smart usage of energy. We will open the doors at noon for registration and business mingle, the presentations will start at 13:00 and around 17:30 we will close to the conference and focus on the beers and burgers. We will have space available for some “tables” for companies to gather the attendees around, and we will have space for some roll-ups as well. 

Prices (ex VAT): Tickets 2.000 Sek, Tables 2.000 Sek, Roll-ups 1.000 Sek, Insight speeches 5.000 Sek. Proposals for sponsorship of the event are always welcome so please keep them coming!  SMSE companies get 50% on all prices. 

Please contact Magnus Melander, or +46 70 230 72 51, for questions, sponsoring, demo tables, roll-up space, etc. 

I am sure the 7:th Spring Season Final for Swedish IoT will be yet another fantastic event and I'm really looking forward to it!